We build community through the power of movement.

While we started in the running industry, we’d be nothing if we didn’t also surf, skate, ski, ride, hike, climb, shoot, score, and more. Regardless of the form, our mission is to build community through the power of human movement.

At our core, we're builders.

We’ve created, produced & supported some of the most impactful mass participation events in the world.

We believe the key to great work is great people. Before starting this business, we were athletes, teammates and coaches.

We’ve created that same team environment to ensure our clients reach their goals through accountability, hard work, and collaboration.

Who we move with.

At Soul Focus, we believe in giving back to both our local and global communities.

Whether it’s volunteering to produce a 5k in a Ugandan Refugee Settlement or sitting on the boards of local charities, our goal is to inspire people to move. By partnering with like-minded non-profits and brands, we’re able to give back while sharing our love of sport.

Let’s Work Together.

Whatever the ask, we deliver. We know sports, event production, marketing, grassroots management, and most importantly how to bring the positive energy. Soul Focus Sports is constantly evolving and growing, and we are always excited to take on new challenges that create experiences that help promote stronger communities.

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