Dom Barry

Dominique Barry is a 31 year old African American professional rock climber, multi sport athlete, coach, and model based out of Southern California. As a breakdancer in his teen years he learned about a concept in the hip hop community called “each one teach one”. One of his goals is to bring that concept to outdoor pursuits and make mentorship between generations more common practice both indoors and outdoors. He works actively towards being the athlete he wishes he saw growing up.

As a Los Angeles native he has led indoor and outdoor rock climbing clinics for the community With the help of local organizations and sponsors. Being an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion he has been a guest interviewed by podcasts and University Outdoor Groups and on the advisory board for Common Climber Magazine. He has been in multiple forms of media modeling for brands such as Chevrolet, Mens Health, Pelican, and Vuori. He has appeared  in multiple magazines and guidebooks in print both domestic and international.

He is currently coaching, as well working as a product tester, and consultant and has plans of traveling abroad to push his personal limits within rock climbing.

“Extreme sports athletes like me are rare. I’m out to show that excellence is unbound.”
– D.B.

(Banner photo by Eric Fallecker @ericfallecker on IG)


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