Max Djenohan

Max Djenohan is an Elite Survivalist, Photographer, Snowboarder, Guide, Outdoorsman and Storyteller. He got his start in snowboarding at the age of 13, which quickly became one of his main passions. At the age of 24, he bought his first camera to document his adventures throughout the Cascades and beyond. When he turned 25, he set out to hike the 550-mile Washington section of the Pacific Crest Trail. After completing the PCT, he has traveled throughout the world documenting his adventures. At the age of 28, Discovery Channel’s show ‘Naked and Afraid’, reached out to Max to ask for his participation in the world’s toughest reality tv-show challenge.

Max has worked with the Discovery Channel, completing a running total of five ‘Naked and Afraid’ Challenges including a 60 day “Legends” challenge. During this past winter, he became the first African American to snowboard off the summit of Denali. He works with outdoor brands, snowboard sponsors, athletes, production companies, and a variety of professionals. Built for adventure, he thrives when the going gets tough.


Crystal Mountain
Pelican Brewing


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